Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

Sustainable Development


This policy documents our commitment to ensuring the balance between environment, society and governance during the production of finished products, from raw materials to preparation and delivery to end users.


The main objective of our policy is to minimize the negative impact of the company's activities on the environment. To achieve this goal, we collaborate with the best experts in each sector to increase the efficient use of water and energy, prioritize zero waste production and promote the correct use of chemicals.

The society

Adequate human resources management:

It is our primary duty to provide our employees, who are a vital part of our operations, the opportunity to work in a healthy, safe and comfortable environment. We support them as active citizens who create change and innovation not only in the organization, but also in society, and work to reflect growth and development with equal opportunities and accessibility of every employee within our policies.

Social responsability:

We believe that everyone's active participation is important in the activities that Nort Beachwear is organizing against climate change and that every step we take makes a difference. We are working to increase responsible sourcing with a focus on every step of the supply chain. 


Effective implementation of any policy requires management initiative, the ability to monitor and evaluate it, the desire to improve, and ethical leadership. Nort Beachwear's management team focuses on information transparency, full legal compliance, equal opportunities and participation in responsible and ethical operations. To have a positive impact on all stakeholders in the long term, it is important to switch to sustainable production.