For the sea, with the sea.

Colors and flavors inspired by the Costa Smeralda.

A brand born eco-friendly, respecting the marine ecosystem.

A brand born from the love of two brothers

Our brand was born from our union, from mutual
esteem and from the desire to create something together, which will last forever and which
binds us even more. We have combined our creative and
entrepreneurial skills to create Nort Beachwear.

A passion that comes from our childhood

Since we were children we used to spend our summers in wonderful Sardinia. Every summer, for as long as we can remember,
we arrived on the island and couldn't wait to go to our local shop to create our personalized costumes.
Customs that accompanied our summers and that accompanied us in our growth,
until it became Nort Beachwear.

In respect and love for the sea

From the passion for the sea and its shapes, Nort Beachwear was born.

Our roots, which lie in the waters of the splendid Costa Smeralda, have led us to create unique collections, which evoke sensations of freshness and freedom.

Passionate about the colors and shades of the sea thanks to those who have always known the sea.

Our collections

Give space to your way of experiencing summer.

Independence, exclusivity and elegance at the service of our collections for her.
Inspired by the sea, designed to stand out.

Show your unique trait with our men's proposals. Practical thanks to fast-dry fabrics,
but also able to give you character and personality with the great variety of patterns and colors available.

Even for the colder seasons, the great diversity of styles of our proposals reigns supreme, both for him and for her.

Colours, shapes and sizes suitable for every taste and need.

In support of nature

Those who love the sea respect it and take care of it.

Nort Beachwear's commitment to the environment was born from the strong will of the founders Francesco and Marinicol Tronelli.

This is why we work every day with great awareness, using exclusively plastic-free fabrics and eco-sustainable materials.

100% Made in Italy

Research and dedication have allowed us to use only the best raw materials for all our collections.

Respect and importance of traditions pushed us to choose Italy for the selection of materials and the production process.