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This fabric offers a perfect fit and excellent quick-drying ability. Furthermore, it guarantees ultra-high resistance to chlorinated water, as it is treated with a special coating.

As for the appearance, the fabric has a shiny and reflective surface with metallic tones. It is very bright, which makes it unique with a touch of elegance and modernity.


An eco-sustainable and pleasant to the touch fabric made from recycled fibre. It offers excellent softness and great comfort on the skin. The presence of recycled fiber guarantees greater resistance to wear and better durability over time.

In summary, this fabric offers extra comfort and attention to sustainability. The presence of natural and recycled fibers gives a natural look and a sense of environmental responsibility, ensuring a high durability of the fabric and a pleasant experience when wearing it.


A lightweight fabric that offers high breathability.

It protects from UV rays and is resistant to sun creams and oils, thus ensuring adequate protection during exposure to the sun.


A satin fabric with metallic tones. It guarantees perfect fit and elasticity. Furthermore, the fabric is ultra chlorine resistant, making it long-lasting.

The satin surface of the fabric gives a luxurious and sophisticated appearance, with metallic tones that recall hints of silver, bronze or copper. These metallic tones create a unique light effect, giving the product a touch of elegance and modernity.


A 100% linen fabric is the ideal choice for those looking for a light, breathable, ecological and sustainable fabric. Completely natural and hypoallergenic, suitable for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

This fabric is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture quickly and keeps your skin dry and cool. This feature makes it perfect for summer wear, especially in hot and humid climates.


A luxurious and delicate 100% silk fabric, characterized by a soft and silky finish to the touch, with a light and breathable texture. It is a durable and comfortable fabric.

Its main feature is its cracked texture, which makes it particularly interesting from an aesthetic point of view and distinguishes it from other silk fabrics. Furthermore, the 16momi quality indicates that the fabric has been worked with high-quality yarns, giving it greater strength and durability. Silk is also known for its ability to adapt to body temperature, keeping the body cool in summer.


A fabric with an extremely refined and sophisticated liquid effect, with a finish that recalls the sparkling and shiny appearance of water. This type of fabric is very versatile.

The soft and pleasant to the touch texture guarantees a comfortable fit. Furthermore, the fabric is very resistant and of excellent quality, and the finish is brilliant and long-lasting.


A lightweight, breathable and comfortable technical fabric, characterized by quick drying. The fabric is velvety to the touch, which gives a pleasant sensation of softness and comfort on the skin.

Thanks to its technical composition, the fabric is resistant to wear and easy to care for, guaranteeing constant durability and quality over time.


A perforated stretch fabric that offers comfort, breathability and great freedom of movement. Thanks to its elasticity, the fabric is able to adapt perfectly to every body, guaranteeing a comfortable fit; the presence of elastane makes it durable and resistant.


A technical fabric with excellent resistance to creases and heat, light and quick drying, it is the ideal choice for those looking for a resistant, comfortable and high-performance fabric.

Thanks to its resistance, the fabric is able to maintain its original shape even after multiple washes and uses, thus reducing wear and tear on the fabric and prolonging its life over time.


An ecological technical fabric with correct muscle compression that offers comfort and better physical performance. Thanks to its muscle compression capacity, the fabric would be able to improve blood circulation, increase muscle oxygenation and reduce muscle fatigue. The fabric is made with ecological materials, thus reducing the environmental impact of the fabric itself.

The matte texture is ideal for outdoor sports, where direct sunlight could be annoying or even harmful to the skin, while its breathability helps keep the body dry and comfortable during physical activity.The ideal choice for those looking for a sustainable, high-performance fabric with a modern and sporty look.